Smart Hotel



Our Smart Hotel Solutions enable the hospitality industry to improve operational efficiency and reduce energy costs while at the same time
provide total comfort and luxury to the guests.

In-room controls feature seamless integrated systems for lighting, temperature, curtains, entertainment, IPTV, and DND/CMR functions.
The technology not only addresses the needs of sales and front office, but also of the engineering and maintenance, thus decreasing
overheads and ensuring 100% uptime of the in-room systems to guarantee occupancy. 



Check in/check out

Thanks to integration into a
hotel system, it is possible to
create a light scene in the
room when a guest registers.


All Off/energy saver

When the guest then leaves,
the system automatically
disconnects all electrical
appliances and saves on both
heating and cooling costs.


Do Not Disturb

Guests can very easily signal if
they want the room cleaned, or
do not want to be disturbed.



The combination of automatic
illumination based on motion
and central control of the room.



The system is suitable for
installation in large and small
lodging facilities.



Through their timeless design,
the control unit with display
or glass touch unit will
complement any interior.